One of the most popular brands of smartphones in Australia is HTC. A lot of people like HTC phones because of their beautiful design and outstanding audio capabilities. However, they are not perfect. Like other gadgets, HTC phones may suddenly exhibit issues like touch screen problems, home button malfunctions, etc. HTC water damage is also a common problem because of rough handling and accidents. The good news is that these problems are repairable. If your HTC phone is no longer under the warranty, don’t worry. You can always find a reputable repair shop that can fix your damaged phone at an affordable price. But before you let someone repair your smartphone, be sure to do following things:

  • Backup your phone. There is always a risk of getting your phone’s memory wiped out during repair. Before you let the technician open your HTC phone, make sure that you have already copied all your files to another device or saved backup copies in a cloud.
  • Disclose all the damage details to your technician. Technicians are experts but they are not always great at guessing what happened to your phone. You must tell your technician how your phone got to that state, especially if it is water damaged. If you withhold the truth, your phone can potentially get worse.
  • Verify whether or not the shop you are going is reputable and trustworthy. You can look for their social media pages online or website to read their best and worst customer reviews. This way, you’ll know if their technicians are indeed qualified in repairing HTC phones as well as other smartphones.
  • Check the shop’s replacement parts and warranty policy. Before you send your phone to a repair shop, see to it that they use only high-quality parts. Don’t let them use cheap replacements, or else the performance of your HTC will be compromised. Aside from this, you should also read the shop’s warranty policy.