Since the invention of the touch screen phone & tablet, tech users have been faced with the dilemma of the best way to stop their precious screens from smashing, unfortunately a lot of times this battle is unsuccessful.

We have numerous people every day visit our Brisbane store with a smashed screen, of course this keeps our mobile phone and tablet screen repair techs busy fixing smashed screens, however there is a way to prevent this happening, one of which is a really good quality case.

Otterbox have been the pioneer in Mobile phone and tablet rugged cases since day 1 and are now the #1 selling case in US and Canada over any other brand, they now outsell Speck, Belkin, Griffin and all the other major case brands.

Of course these days there are many brands making rugged protection for phones and tablets (tradies cases) however none of them have been able to knock Otterbox from its leading position in the market.

Otterbox have a range of different series, the most popular of which being the Otterbox Defender series which is built under the principal of protection above all other.

The Otterbox Defender case in essence a 2 layer case (although the inner layer is a multi layer compound), the interior layer is a polycarbonate shell with a memory foam on the inside to cushion the device, this shell clamps completely shut, holding the device tightly inside, over this is the rubber outer layer which also covers all your ports from dust and sweat.

Renewed Gadgets stocks a wide range of Otterbox cases for all models including Otterbox Defender series  for iPad, Otterbox Defender series  for  iPhone, Otterbox Defender series  for iPod, Otterbox Defender series  for Samsung Galaxy, Otterbox Defender series  for HTC.

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