Forensic chip-off data recovery

Is your device thoroughly dead? like completely dead?

Do you have priceless data on your device that needs to be recovered? It may not be lost forever! Even if your device’s motherboard was heavily corroded, not turning on or even broken in half, chances are the embedded memory may is still intact.

So don’t lose hope just yet. There’s a process by which we can revive your data.

Renewed Gadgets is a specialist in advanced “chip-off” data recovery for a wide variety of Mobile phones and Tablets, all this is done in house within our Brisbane repair centres.

The process involves physically extracting the embedded memory chip(s) from the board and using special equipment to read the data directly from the EMMC chip.

First the chip must be freed from the logic board. The chip is hermetically sealed to the board with a tough epoxy called underfill.

The EMMC (embedded multimedia card) is a ball grid array (BGA) type chip which means there are hundreds of pads on the underside that connect to the logic board with tiny balls of solder. De-soldering the chip requires special machines and precise temperature control. The whole board is preheated and the solder is melted with an infrared laser.

Once fully removed we must determine all of the data and ground pads, and what voltages are needed for the chip to operate. EMMCs require two different precise voltages to operate. We use a microscope, a very sharp soldering tip and a steady hand to connect the 60-micrometer copper wires (that’s 40 micrometers thinner than a human hair) to the necessary pads and then to a special emulator capable of interfacing with the chip.

The process itself can take up to a week to recover the internal data, however we can also offer an express service if the process is extremely urgent for an extra charge. It is important to understand that once this EMMC chip is removed the phone will no longer be working in any way and this process is purely for the exercise of recovering important data.

Our success rate for EMMC chip-off data recovery is around 93%, however in some cases the internal memory is dead as well and data is not recoverable, unfortunately we cannot find this out until the process is completed.

The costs involved in EMMC Chip-off data recovery is $199 and a turnaround time of up to 7 days , we can offer an express service for $249 which has a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. If you are in the unfortunate minority and your data is not recoverable the service will be free.

This service is available for the majority of Android and windows devices but unfortunately cannot be carried out on Apple devices.
Please contact us to find out if we can recover the data off your phone or tablet,

Where we are located

Renewed Gadgets has two dedicated phone and tablet repair centre’s conveniently located in the DFO shopping centres on both the West (Jindalee) and East (Brisbane Airport).

Our Jindalee location is Shop 1 DFO shopping centre, Amazons place, Jindalee which is around 15-20 minutes South west of Brisbane City and can be reached on 0401 980 522.

Renewed Gadgets Brisbane Airport is located at Shop 206 DFO Shopping centre, Ninth Avenue, Brisbane Airport which is around 15 minutes East of Brisbane City and can be contacted on (07) 3114 1177.

Renewed Gadgets wholesale distribution warehouse is located around 1km from the DFO Brisbane airport, however this is strictly for wholesale trade only.

Why choose us?

Our highly trained technicians have a wealth of experience & knowledge in repairing mobile phones, tablets & electronic devices. Our techs can pretty much fix any problem on any device, from small jobs like replacement volume buttons, speakers, microphones, cameras, to full screen replacements & water damage.

It is very rare we have a phone or tablet that our techs cannot fix.
Our techs even fix most water damaged phones. We have specialized equipment that we use specifically to get your water damaged device working again. We keep a wide range of different parts for most devices on site and if by some chance we don’t have the part it is usually a 1-2 day turnaround before we can get it in.

Renewed Gadgets only uses the highest quality parts and all our repairs come with a 6 month warranty on all parts and labour. Of course the only thing we can’t cover is if you smash the screen again! It is always a good idea to grab one of our protective cases before you leave to prevent that from happening again.

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