Frequently Asked Questions

We can repair your device no matter where you are, even if you can’t bring it in. We offer a mail in repair service with a same day repair and return EXPRESS Postage anywhere in Australia. Your repair will be completed on the same day it is received and we’ll get it straight in the mail on route back to you.

Our Jindalee store address is Shop 46 (next to Gloria jeans) DFO Shopping centre, Jindalee, QLD, 4074 or our Brisbane DFO address is Shop 206 DFO, Ninth Avenue skygate, QLD, 4007

No parking at both DFO shopping centres are free.

It is different for every device, according to the time needed and the parts cost, however our pricing is very competitive, give us a call for a quote on your device.

Most times we can get your phone fixed and working again, sometimes it is too damaged to repair, but if so we do not charge you anything.

If you drop it in while our tech is onsite most repairs will be done within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Don’t worry all our repairs are covered by a 6 month warranty, If you have any problems at all we are here to help, we are a real shop so you know exactly where we are whenever you need us or you can give us a call and we will be happy to help you out.

Sure we can sell you just the screen or any other part needed, prices range depending on the part & model.

As iPhone’s & iPad’s don’t have the official model name written on them, you can always find a model code on the back of them in very small writing near the bottom, it will be an ‘A’ and then 4 digits eg A1503.

Then type this number into the following website and it will show you exactly which model you have.

Alternatively just give us a call on 1300 790 430 and we would be happy to help out.

As every phone model uses different parts, the price of repair varies heavily between models, however we have a comprehensive price list here:

We accept all major credit cards, Including Amex without any surcharge or cash in store.

Repair turnaround times vary per device, however in most cases your repair can be completed on the spot in around 30-90 minutes depending on the model, however if you are having water damage repairs or any kind of micro-soldering or motherboard work turnaround times could vary from 2-14 days depending on the extent of the work.

All your most common repairs like iPhone screens, batteries or charge ports can be completed within the hour.

Generally no, however it is best to call ahead and make sure we have the correct parts in stock for your repair.

We keep a large range of parts in store at any time, however if you have a more obscure model or brand we may need to get the parts in, which usually takes 1-2 business days.

All our repairs come with a 6 month warranty on parts and labor.
Warranty does not cover a cracked/smashed screen and any warranty is void if the screen suffers a crack.

In the unfortunate circumstances that you have an issue, please re-visit our store ASAP for the first right to rectify the situation, we cannot accept warranty claims that have been fixed elsewhere without our knowledge.

As we want to take every precaution to ensure your phone is fully tested before returning it back to you, we will request your password or passcode when you come in for a repair, however if you don’t feel comfortable handing it over please mention this when you come in and we will be more then happy to finish the repair and then invite you back to test the device in front of you, or you may test it if you prefer.

Please don’t be concerned we are a professional repair store and have been in the business for 10 years, we handle hundreds of devices every week and will guarantee that we never look at any personal or sensitive material on your device, we simply use the password to access the device so we can test things like the camera, speaker, calls etc.

Any other questions give us a call and we are happy to help out. Phone: 1300 790 430